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The Minds of Future
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26th-Feb-2011 10:03 pm - Writer's Block: Round and round
Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest?

A lot, actually. Especially movie/anime soundtracks. 2 songs that still stay in my Favorite playlist despite they are songs I found 2 years ago are from Transformers' soundtrack (from ROTF and the first movie), '"I Rise, You Fall" and "Optimus" *q*
18th-Nov-2010 10:55 pm - -
Call this shameless advertisement promotion, but, uh, well, I'm just sharing (and spamming) ;w;

This is my second cover song. I don't know, it seems Lia's voice doesn't match me at all (in the opposite, Chiaki Ishikawa's suits me well. I'm regretting my action of hating her Prototype now)

Suggestion are always welcomed!

31st-Oct-2010 09:59 pm - 15
HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO ME -throws confetti to myself-
Well, that basically means I can read R-rated fan fiction, although I've been reading it since I was 14 years old. Grateful? No. Sad? No. It's just - I haven't figured out what to do in my 15-year-old life.

Oh yes, getting an awesome score for National Exam. How stupid I am, didn't think of that. -slaps myself-

Thanks for the wonderful greeting dioni_len disa96 turnersyndrome (especially you, turnersyndrome . Thanks for encouraging me to get older so I can read NC-17 -insert witty comments here-. But no, I will read straight pairs for that, not BL pairs)

To be honest, this year's birthday is kind of...weird, amusing, but awesome. I will write the report soon. At this time, I'm in need of fangirling Masamune, but shame, it's time to sleep.

(Feel free to slap/flame/throw bricks to me for spamming your f-list with a short, stupid post)
10th-Oct-2010 11:59 am - GOT A PARTEH
Living in Jakarta, for some people, is suck. With floods every rainy season, traffic jams everywhere and non-stop pollution, who can't hate Jakarta? I keep living in here just because I can fulfill my fandom needs in this city cheaper than other big cities in Indonesia. Oh well, infrastructure has been centralized mostly in Jakarta after all.

Jakarta people are not ordinary, too. When I lived in Surabaya, I always played with my neighbors, whether from the same cluster or not. I loved to visit my friends' house just to play with their toys. In Jakarta, I rarely do that anymore. I know nobody around me (yes, even the house beside me! I do know they have 2 little sons, but, come on, they're kids, while I am a teenager). I only often visit my best friend's house that is in the different cluster but still in the same area as mine. But around my cluster? Not a chance. I do remember what my Social Studies had said to us. Most of Jakarta people are individual. They don't give a damn thing to their neighbors. They don't even know where their friends live! (example : me! )

Today, at 10-10-10 (October 10th 2010), icy_piyo21 and I just discovered an amazing, inconvenient truth. Well, we just discovered that our houses are nearer than we thought before! I can walk to her house in just a few minutes! All thanks to a tweet from my Foursquare I just posted this morning. The story starts like this :

Because I couldn't check-in to my house with foursquare last night, I decided to try it again this morning. It worked, but I accidentally checked the "Post to twitter" box. I cursed myself because if I checked that, my followers could see my complete home address! When I was going to delete that tweet, icy_piyo21 mentioned me on her tweet, asking if my house is really in Pelangi Ungu. So I answered "yes".
She then replied that she lives not far from my home, just a few blocks away. And then she mentioned about the awesomeness of 10-10-10 and her being fail because she didn't realize this fact. I myself was actually shocked, because I thought only my best friend who live quite nearby with me (although she lives in a different cluster, while icy_piyo21 lives in a same cluster as I do). We laughed together at Twitter, and God, this is just amusing yet hilarious!

Now I can leech anytime at her house, and, of course, I can offer her lots of anime stocks from my collection. 8D My 14 years old life is just awesome!
23rd-Sep-2010 09:48 pm - Shindanmaker and its magic
Although sometimes not 100% accurate, I actually like this kind of generator (forget the Japanese language - I can ask Google Translate for that. Or Yahoo Babel) because it's fun, sometimes amusing, and sometimes pretty surprising.

I have tried some of popular shindanmakers that popped on Trending Topics, such as #maiwaifu (this shindanmaker is supposed for male, but I was bored at the moment, so I tried =p) and #semeuke (I'm an uke...somehow...). This night I tried #tfmtr (a shindanmaker to generate your username/name whether you're Autobot or Decepticon + the details of your persona) and found out the results were pretty cool. I tried two times, first one using my Twitter username, the second one using my real name. And here's the results :

With my username :

"サイバトロン特殊破壊兵Tikaaprはカップめんがトランスフォーム!「明日やる」が口癖だ!「さあ戦いだ!] "

It says that I'm a Cybertron/Autobot Special Destructive Soldier (seriously, it sounds like Wreckers' job, but perhaps I'm just imagining things). "
カップめん" is read "Cupmen", but Google translates that as "Cup", and I'm not convinced that the translation for "カップめんがトランスフォーム" is "Cup Transform". My special phrase is "I'm going to do it tomorrow" (I facepalm-ed).

While with my real name :

デストロン地質学者Atika Rizkyutamiはシボレーコルベットが48体合体!普段は冷静だがギャンブル好きな戦術家だ!「さあ戦いだ!」"

It says that I'm a Destron/Decepticon Geologist (One of the Constructicons?) that uses Chevrolet Corvette as an alt-form. I can combine with 48 (Seriously, blame Google for this) units. I love gambling but at the same time I use tactics too.
My only problem for this result is only this sentence : "シボレーコルベットが48体合体". The 'combining with 48 units' thing was related to that sentence. I'm a newbie in Japanese, so these translations might not very accurate, since I only use Google Translate + some grammars I've learned from Animonster.

Personally I like my Autobot's job, but I damn adore my Decepticon's alt-form. xD

You can try the generator at : http://shindanmaker.com/51054

I just got a chance to watch the sequel of Camp Rock today together with my little sister. At first, we couldn’t watch the show because my dad invited us to have dinner outside, but we insisted to just have dinner in home, and I do not regret my decision for that =D.



WARNING : HEAVY SPOILER ALERT. Read on your own risk, guysCollapse )


6th-Sep-2010 07:35 am - ....

Hello Livejournal. …Wait. I should have been feeling guilty for leaving my Livejournal in such a long time. I mean, 3 months? …I’m speechless, mind you. Writer’s block is always interrupting what kind of topic I should post on my LJ. Worse, because students who have reached grade 9 in my country will get National Exam at the end of 2nd Semester…

My teachers rush EVERY subject. Projects, homework, group activities etc are taking my sweet weekend (and of course, my free time).  It has been a hell in Grade 9. It feels like no freedom at all, except when you get long holiday (like now I’m having). In fact, this holiday, some of my teachers gave us homework to do. *headdesk* Not.homework.again…

Because of that, I apologize for being inactive on LJ for a damn long time. I’m still on a few Transformers communities, but normally I just lurked. =_= Yeah, just kick my aft or something, it makes me feel better, FYI. I do online at Twitter and Facebook every day, thus why I connected my LJ to my Twitter. I might connect my FB to LJ too soon.

Ied Fitr is coming, and like last year, I planned to buy a new Transformer toys this year. Because Drift has been released on my country, I decided to buy him! At first, I was interested to buy Takara Animated Optimus, but Drift is much cheaper (and I have an Optimus already, don’t I?) so yeah….Drift is in my first to-buy list. Second one will be War For Cybertron for PS3. -_- People have played it from 2 months ago, yet because I just got a PS3 last month, I had to save some money to buy the game. In Indonesia, PS3 Blu-ray disks are quite expensive (well, in my POV) so I can’t buy too often…

I might be on holiday right now, but homework and projects are waiting for me to be done. I’ll try my best to update in here more often. On the other hand, please wish me luck for this year’s national exam. I’m planning to enter the best High School in my city, so my score should be excellent. Love you all, and thanks for reading!

~ Atika

11th-Jun-2010 11:41 am - The End of Fullmetal Alchemist
Looking back at my old post about my first meeting with Fullmetal Alchemist, I never imagined it has been more than a year since I liked this manga. I was first introduced to this fandom when I tried to watch Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood on Animax on April last year. The first episode grew my curiosity and thus, I borrowed the manga from rental.

With only 4 chapters, I immediately in love with the manga. I followed FMAB since then. I also tried to catch up the manga and watched the old series.

I never thought today will be the last time I waited for the manga update. This chapter finally ends the journey of Fullmetal Alchemist (well, generally in the manga, but Brotherhood itself will end on 4th July on Japan, so...)

This is my thoughts toward Fullmetal Alchemist The Last Chapter, Chapter 108.

WARNING : Heavy SpoilersCollapse )
Arakawa may be have ended the story, but Fullmetal Alchemist would be an irreplaceable and unforgettable fandom for me. The Elric's brothers' story will always be in the Fans' heart.

ありがとう, 弘荒川-さん!  さようなら、鋼 の錬金術師!

14th-May-2010 11:52 am - At last, I finished some series
And those are...

- Transformers Animated.



I regretted my comment back then. I underestimated Animated back when I haven't watched this series.

- Kobato

OH FRAG YEAH A PREDICTABLE ENDING is always predictable. But the plot progress was quite surprising. Overall, I enjoyed this little-warming anime :)

I never thought I will able to finish my anime/cartoon list on this busy month actually. -_-
5th-May-2010 05:35 am - And the result is...
Yesterday my teacher told us (me and 3 other students) that all of us passed the Olympiad in North Jakarta. I got rank 4th out of 90 students who joined Physics. Yeah! XD *happy dance*

From each subject, 25 students have been taken to represent North Jakarta. Me and 24 other students will represent North Jakarta on Saturday, to compete with other regencies.

Wish me and my friends luck! :D

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